Sunday, June 10, 2012

Announcing a sister's Blog!!!

We finally did it! My sisters and Mom all got together and made a blog!!! We are super excited about it.

Please go check it out.  We are each writing on a different day of the week, and I am MONDAYS! :) Our purpose is to help spread light and love and some pretty great ideas.  My Mom's "Grandma's Corner" is  amazing, and my sisters are an eclectic mix of brilliant, creative, fun, cheap, thoughtful and inspiring. Cathy is about to publish a page about how she redid her whole kitchen for half the price.  My first post was a page full of links called "The Best of Pinterest."

And this current post publishing June 11, 2012 will be Ten Simple Changes that will improve your life forever.  I could never give up this great HappyCrew page. I will have this forever. But please take a minute to add my other blog to your list. I am sure between the five of us, there will be something to make it worth your while.

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